Urgent! Good evening everyone, Heavens Care is asking for your support in helping us continue our mission to help families in need, the homeless, and pets of the homeless. We are asking for donations as little as $5, or any amount placed on your heart. Over the past month, calls have been increasing from individuals/families in need, and individuals/families experiencing homelessness. We have even been getting calls for assistance with pets. The cost of groceries, pet food, and the cost of living is rising. Many families are struggling to keep food on the table, purchase clothes, shoes, hygiene, first aid, and pet supplies for their pets. Some families have been evicted even though they work and have reached out to Heavens Care for assistance. Some families have disability income, but the cost of rent, and food together is just too high to maintain both without assistance.

Your donation is truly appreciated!

Part of our Helpline for The Needy/Homeless Project